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Northern Lights Council & Chapters
Regional Conference

April 20 and 21, 2017

Holiday Inn Airport South
1201 West 94th St
Bloomington, MN 55431

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Thursday, April 19th
7:30am - 8:15am Breakfast, Networking, and Registration
8:15am - 8:20am Welcome, Shari Nepper, IMA Northern Lights Regional Council President
8:20am - 10:00am Why Good People and Organizations Do Bad Things, Dr. David Schultz, Hamline University
Why do good people and organizations act unethically? This talk examines the legacy of Enron, Worldcom, and now the subprime financial meltdown in order to understand why individuals and organizations do unethical things. This session will begin with a discussion of the classic Stanley Milgram punishment experiments, seeking to understand how they help explain unethical behavior. It uses specific case studies to provide a foundation for an analysis regarding how the fostering of ethical diversity within organizations can prevent the slippery slopes that lead to administrative evil or unethical behavior.
10:20am - 12:00pm Flexing your Curiosity Muscle to Drive Results, Judy Zimmer, Coachology
Asking great questions, being open to new ideas and listening to clients/customers is all part of your brand. Rather than assuming an outcome, getting defensive or looking for answers for an external resource, let’s get curious!
12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch – Provided – Networking
1:00pm - 2:40pm R&D Tax Credits: Stronger Than Ever, Dave Finley
Learn the benefits the R&D tax credit can provide taxpayers. This session will discuss its history, application and usefulness including recent impacts on the R&D Credit from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 and the enhancements included in the PATH Act of 2015. The R&D tax credit is stronger than ever with more and more companies able to fully take advantage of the credit.
3:00pm - 4:40pm Leadership Development; a Lifelong Journey, CS “Bud” Kulesza, CMA, CFM
This session will address the role that life experiences play in developing us as leaders. Learning is a lifelong process and from the moment we are born until we take our last breath, our experiences and what we learn from them impact our leadership abilities. Whether you believe that leaders are born or made (nature versus nurture) or a combination of both, our reactions to these experiences mold and refine us as leaders and shape who we are. Bud Kulesza, a master storyteller, will share some of his lifelong experiences and how they have influenced him, helping attendees to become more aware of the impact of their own experiences on their leadership abilities.
4:40pm - 6:00pm Happy Hour – Networking, Appetizers and Drinks
6:00pm - 7:00pm Northern Lights Regional Council Board Meeting
Friday, April 20th
7:30am - 8:15am Breakfast, Networking, and Registration
8:20am - 10:00am Are Robots Coming for My Job? (and if so, what should I do?)
As technology continues to improve and proliferate, jobs are created and destroyed at a faster and faster pace. By 2030, it is predicted that automation will eliminate almost 40% of jobs performed by human beings today. While accounting and other white collar jobs once seemed immune from widespread technology-induced job loss, many people are concerned that the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and other new technologies will disproportionately impact these types of jobs. This session will discuss the rapidly changing technology environment, the differing views on the impact of technology on the future of jobs, and opportunities going forward to future-proof your career.
10:20am - 12:00pm Cyber Security, Chad Nordstrom, Clifton Larson Allen
How does cybersecurity affect your business? Chad will talk about the latest risks that accountants, finance professionals and businesses should be aware of.
12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch – Provided – Networking
1:00pm - 2:40pm Fraud and Consequences, Jerome Mayne
Using his 20+ years of experience in the entertainment and comedy industries, self-taught expert on fraudulent behavior and almost 2 years in federal prison, Jerome will capture your event audience and do his part to make your event the best ever!
3:00pm - 4:40pm Business Valuation and Succession Planning, Derek Dockendorf, Eide Bailly LLP
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